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The Process...

Introductory Meeting

Ongoing Management

Intermittent Review

​During the first meeting I complete a preliminary review of your financial situation.


I Will...

• Review income and expense levels with you to develop appropriate financial strategies.

• Guide you to lower levels of credit card debt to reduce high interest expenditures.

• Determine your financial goals and time frames for saving for retirement, education, and other large purchases.

• Discuss the effects of duration on fixed income investments.

• Discuss the benefits of diversification of asset classes.

Before we meet for the Introductory Meeting you will need to fill out the following two forms:

1 - Confidential Information Sheet  - This information sheet summarizes your “financial numbers”.

2 - Risk Questionnaire - Your answers will give me a better understanding of your comfort with investment risk.

In addition to the above forms, please bring to the meeting, copies of the last statement of any of the accounts you want me to review, including any IRA’S, 401k’s, CD’s, deferred compensation plans, bank accounts or brokerage accounts.

The Introductory Meeting is usually 2 to 3 hours long and costs $150.



• This service provides daily monitoring of individual transactions and quarterly meetings and ongoing investment advising. This will provide you with an increased understanding of the investment process, investment philosophies, and diversification.

• It involves developing an Investment Policy Statement to provide an understanding of the needs and expectations of the investment process.

• This service combines investment management and performance reporting on your assets in an efficient and economical way.

• Investment advising services require the transferring assets to custodial accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional Services.

• Fees for Ongoing Investment Advising and Management are described on the My Fees page.

Some clients prefer a more complete initial review of their financial situation on a one time basis or periodically over a number of years.

This review and report will provide you with my specific recommendations as to how you should reallocate you investment accounts.

This service is provided without ongoing investment management and performance reporting on individual accounts.
This service is invoiced on an hourly basis as described on the              page.

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