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More About Me...

I help individuals with the responsible investment of financial assets -- primarily investments in no-load mutual funds.  I develop tailored investment strategies for my clients and provide ongoing assessment of changing needs.  I work closely with clients to access needs, provide education and support for financial awareness.

I have been building my investment advising practice since 1995, working with individuals throughout California.  Presently, I work with 30 clients, managing over 11 million dollars.  My clients’ portfolios range in size from less than $50,000 to more than $1,000,000.  I also serve as a trustee for the Cheese Board Collective Profit Sharing Plan, where I have taken an active role in investment management decisions.

My professional training includes completion of the University of California Berkeley Extension Certificate Program in Personal Financial Planning.  This is a broad based program, providing a background in investments, real estate, taxes, employee benefits, insurance, and estate planning.  I completed the Series 7--General Securities Representative Examination, and have been certified as an Investment Advisor in the State of California since January 1, 1998.

Department of Corporations link to locate information on my Form ADV file: My Firm's IARD/CRD Number: 119506

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