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A. Introductory Meeting

During the first meeting I complete a preliminary review of your financial situation.

• Review income and expense levels with you to develop appropriate financial strategies.
• Guide you to lower levels of credit card debt to reduce high interest expenditures.
• Determine your financial goals and time frames for saving for retirement, education, and other large purchases.
• Discuss the effects of duration on fixed income investments.
• Discuss the benefits of diversification of asset classes.

I help individuals with the responsible investment of financial assets -- primarily investments in no-load mutual funds.  I develop tailored investment strategies for my clients and provide ongoing assessment of changing needs.  I work closely with clients to access needs, provide education and support for financial awareness.


January 2011

I highly recommend Richard Magarian. Great communicator, knows his stuff, and skillful at helpful the rest of us navigate financial issues. I started working with him when I was managing to make bad investment decisions even during a good market, and he really helped me get on track and gain clarity about my goals. His input was super-helpful at that time, and even more so during the current volatile market. I would also add that we met when our kids were at the same pre-school, and now my daughter is off to college; he has been a great source of support throughout that transition, which has been especially valuable since I am a single parent and don't have a spouse/partner to help sort me out the financial details. Highly recommended!

- Barbara

March 2007

I suggest you contact Richard Magarian, Investment Advisor, in Berkeley. Richard explains things in layman's terms, and he'll provide whatever level of help that you want or need to get your finances in order. He's helped me create a plan that's easy for me to implement and maintain. I also appreciate the fact that Richard doesn't receive any commissions on the investment recommendations that he makes, and that he understands the concept of socially responsible investing!


October 2003

I would recommend Richard Magarian, in Berkeley, (510) 549-0507. Very experienced advisor; also a parent, so sensitive to those issues. Plus, a very nice person!

-Mary C.

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